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Starting and growing a business isn’t just about having a product. There are many loose ends that need to be tied together to achieve the desired scalability and sustainability. Market research is a big part of that process. And that’s what the team at Kreative Machinez helps clients with.

Kreative Machinez is a leading market research agency in USA, extending 360 marketing analysis services and more to enable businesses with a competitive advantage and success roadmap. Our team includes industry veterans who belt extensive experience working with different types of businesses across industries.

From identifying trends in your niche/market to validating the idea of your product/service, we help unearth insights to uncover high-value opportunities. So you outline your business growth strategy based on real-world data – and not opinions and intuitions. As a top market research consulting firm, Kreative Machinez has you and your business covered for success.

Our Market Research Services

From research to planning to execution, our market research services take care of everything, ensuring maximum convenience and satisfaction for clients.

Market research

An effective business strategy is built on micro and macro market trends. We help our clients identify and understand these trends through in-depth market research.

Competitive analysis

A look at your competitors can reveal a lot of critical insights. From who they are to what they are doing, we use modern tools to uncover the secrets of your competitors to give you a head start.

Buyer personas

Who is your target audience? Where do they live? What is their pain point? What is their financial state? We create comprehensive buyer personas that answer everything about your potential customers.

Website audit

Today, your website defines your business. Our website audit service ensures your web presence checks all the right boxes and is initiating meaningful conversation with the audience.

Digital marketing

From SEO to paid ads and social media marketing, we offer complete digital marketing solutions so that your market research report is followed by a definite plan.


We don’t just offer reports and plans… As a top market research firm in USA, we have a large team that excels in execution. So, we also help you leverage every data and implement every plan.

Industries we cater to

Fool-proof your product idea (and business growth strategy)

Stay ahead of the market

Leverage data to not just stay in sync with the market but also ahead. Launch your product and build a business on the back of this advantage.

Give new goals to competitors

Set new industry benchmarks with optimized strategies. So, no more following the “best practices” of your competitors. Instead, give them new parameters to chase.

Why Kreative Machinez

Complete solution

As a top industry name, we offer end-to-end marketing analysis services in USA. Get all your market research needs met at one stop.

Battle-hardened experts

When you trust us, you trust battle-hardened experts who have worked with hundreds of businesses across verticals.

100% satisfaction assured

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure clients get a wholesome experience and are fully satisfied with their engagement with us.

Team up with a trusted market research agency

Unlock revenue growth for your business with our world-class expertise.

We support our clients at every step of their digital journey. Relationships, Results and (your) Revenue matters to us! 

The quantitative results

From organic website traffic to the number of followers and higher sales figures, achieve all the quantitative metrics that you aim to accomplish! Quantified goal setting and achieving those matters!

The qualitative results

Our campaigns are uniquely designed to help you with qualitative results! Right from your brand perception and personality, what emotions your website copy triggers to your website’s thematic essence in the industry and much more.. we all look for quality in everything, isn’t it? We take of that surely! Check out for yourself!

What is market research?

Market research is the process of collecting information about your market and target customers. The term can refer to any type of research, including surveys and focus groups. It involves going into a market, asking questions, listening to what people have to say and looking for things that will help you understand their needs. It’s important because it enables you to find out who your customers are and what they need from you.

What are the benefits of market research?

Here are some of the benefits of market research:

  • It helps companies understand their customers better so they can provide them with products or services that will meet their needs better.
  • It helps companies develop new products or services that will appeal to customers’ tastes and preferences.
  • It helps companies decide whether or not to enter a new market or expand into one already established.
  • It helps companies evaluate their competitors’ products or services so they can make informed decisions about marketing strategies related to those competitors’ offerings.

How to do market research?

The market research process can be broken down into two main stages:

  • Market research planning – This is where you identify your target market and its needs. You then decide what type of research you want to do and what type of information you need from the participants in order to collect that information. You then create a plan for going forward with this research.
  • Market research execution – Once you have prepared your market research plan, it’s time to execute it. You need to get all the pieces in place such as time, funding, location, and personnel necessary for conducting your market research study.

Of course, conducting market research is far from easy. This is why it’s recommended to get help from experts at a market research firm in USA.

What's the standard time of delivery?

Depending on your requirement and urgency, it can be as quick as one day. So, let’s connect, discuss your content requirements and finalize the timeline.


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