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Are you an awesome lighting solution provider offering top-quality services for weddings, birthdays, livening up outdoor spaces and for a number of social events? Well, we know it and that is why we are here to let your hard work get recognized. If you have been looking for the best lighting service digital marketing agency USA to let your lighting business be heard, found with the potential to blanket your target market, increase your customer base, push your sales graph and more- you are at the right place.

Kreative Machinez gets you covered with our wide range of lighting digital marketing services in USA ranging from SEO, PPC, web design & development, social media marketing and the list can go on. If you want to touch some pockets of lighting marketing services from our vast digital offerings, we are here to offer you personalized lighting marketing services that would help your business to grow fast while you generate higher ROI.

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Your Lighting Service Marketing Plan & Execution

At Kreative Machinez, you will be happy to meet the best lighting digital marketing experts. Our marketing pros has hands-on experience on working with a number of clients offering lighting solutions in the USA.

So when you brainstorm the marketing plan with our experts you will be in safe hands as they are experience-rich and can sketch the digital marketing plan with strategies that will work for your business. Let’s have a look at the lighting marketing services that you can avail:

A well-designed and and user-friendly website is important for your indoor and outdoor lighting business as it impacts how your potential customers perceives your brand. An well optimized website provides your business with sales growth and also helps generate long-term customer relationship. Our website design and development service will deliver you the desired outcome.

email marketing in usa

Reaching out to customers, following up with a personalized touch via newsletters, email blast campaigns and much more to let your outdoor lighting business have repeat customers is deftly done by our email marketing experts.

seo in usa

Want to outrank your competitors and dominate the search results as an outdoor lighting service provider? Our lighting service marketing pros have the best SEO strategies up their sleeves. With our complete On-page and Off-page SEO techniques, we optimize your website in such a way that ranking at the top of SERPs in Google and other search engines will help you to outdo your competitors.

Do you feel your customers are looking for you but they are not able to find you? When your customers are in search of the best “outdoor lighting company near me,” you will not have to wait to be found- our local SEO experts will help you make the most of the services that you hire from us.

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Are you looking for real results in a short span of time? Do you want to run PPC campaigns and derive the best results? Well, our Google Ads specialists will do the groundwork for you so that the performance marketing campaign we plan and execute for your lighting marketing services offers you the desired outcome.

brand credibility

If you are looking for your business to create a buzz in the chosen social media platforms, build engagement in real sense of the term, cash in on word-of-mouth promotion and more, let our social media marketing specialists curate campaigns around your outdoor lighting solutions. 

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Making the Most of Seasonal Lighting Marketing Services

Halloween Lighting Marketing Services

Do you have the best lighting ideas up your sleeves related to Halloween to let your customers flaunt that ghoulish glow and spread that eerie vibe flawlessly? Whether it is LED fairy lights, LED skeleton string lights, purple spider Halloween solar string lights, Halloween skull lights and a host of Halloween lights that you want to surprise your customers with, you need to find your customers and they need to find you out! In this spooky season, light up the yard of your customers the spooky way. We offer Halloween lighting marketing solutions the USA just the way that is apt for your business so that you can have good leads with customers pouring in, pushing your sales graph higher.

Christmas Lighting Marketing Services

Is your Christmas lighting business solutions online? Those who are looking for Christmas light installation companies, exquisite Christmas outdoor lighting solutions, giant Christmas tree lighting assistance, and festive illumination in an eye-grabbing way to roof lines, driveways and walkways- let us help you digitally with our integrated Christmas lighting marketing services in the USA taking your business prospects to the next level. If your customers don’t find you, they will find your competitors. A custom internet marketing plan that would help you tap the potential of your customer base both in the residential and commercial sectors with Christmas lighting services, we will plan it up and execute diligently as your lighting service digital marketing partner.

Case Study

A couple of back years or so, we got a call from Martin, an outdoor lighting solution provider in Tampa Bay. When we were all ears to Martin’s business problems- we understood the pain points of his business at that point of time.

Martin started his business on a good note, was building his string of customers quite steadily but things started fizzling out soon. What we got to know from Martin is that he banked on a digital marketing agency that disappointed him big time and considered him a money-extracting machine only. His reputation went for a toss and instead of his business prospects becoming progressive, it switched to a regressive mode. A little bit of scrutiny on the past work done made us realize that he was being duped with no to negligible online promotional activities being carried out.

Our Challenges:

  • Mend his reputation and establish a rock-solid online presence for Martin and his outdoor lighting business
  • Using the best digital marketing strategies to let Martin acquire more customers and turn them into long-time fans
  • Boosting the sales and leads by making the most of seasonal offers (It was around 2 months to go for Christmas when Martin approached us).

Our Strategy:

We went for developing and designing the website of Martin in a completely new way. A mobile-friendly responsive design with the right color scheme, fonts, texts and images that can attract higher traffic and then, in turn, prospective leads and potential customers is what proved to be our biggest bet.

We went for building a solid social media presence of Martin’s business which helped Martin to build a great pool of customers. Highly-qualified leads turned into potential customers and a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram worked for Martin in spreading the word about the outdoor lighting solution he provides. It spread like wildfire and coupled with our local SEO efforts, we kept Martin and his men so busy that they were huffing and puffing to meet the demands of customers in terms of offering Christmas lighting solutions.

Martin was super excited after receiving a commendable response from his target customers in his neighborhood and from other localities during Christmas. His clients not only enjoyed the top-quality yet affordable Christmas lighting services, Martin could really see his business prospects flourishing like crazy. His revenue graph just cushioned up.


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A Vast Track Record of Experience

When you are putting your trust on, it is the vast experience of 12+ years which helps us to serve you better.

Digital Marketing Experts Dedicated to Your Niche

We do not entrust the job of planning and executing the outdoor lighting marketing solutions to those hands that are not experienced. We ensure that the digital marketing experts who work on your project have prior experience in outdoor lighting marketing services and have offered tangible outcomes on result-oriented business goal setting to a number of clients prior to offering you the best services.

Affordable Solutions

When you are looking for hiring outdoor lighting marketing services and you approach us, we will tailor-make a digital marketing plan that would help us achieve your marketing goals in tune with our budget. We do not drain you off your financial resources but at the same time don’t claim to offer our services at dirt cheap rates.

A Complete Digital Suite

When you want us to be your digital marketing partner, we stand tall by your side with our wide range of outdoor lighting marketing services – be it SEO, PPC, SMM, Content Marketing, Website Design & Development, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing and the like- we do not have a ‘No’ for an answer while serving your lighting services digital marketing efforts.

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Get in touch with us to hire the best outdoor lighting marketing services. Just come up with what you want, and how you want to go about the digital way- we will be happy to assist you with the best lighting service digital marketing services! if you want us to help you from scratch, we are ready!

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